Why it’s better to live in new York than to Visit

New York is not for everyone but if it’s your dream to live here, or you’re at least curious, then this is for you.

Here are the top assumptions about living conditions in New York:

Cost of living is so high that there’s no way I can enjoy life in New York without getting broke!

What a visitor is really paying for is time.

This notion that New York is so expensive can take a visitor aback since this high cost is already evident just as you book your plane ticket and hotel.  Now imagine adding all the places, shows, and restaurants that you would want to try; it becomes a domino effect of wanting to experience as many and as quickly as possible.

As a resident, your mind shifts from I’ve-got-to-see-all of NY-asap to I-can-come-back-and-see-that-tomorrow. You will also find priceless gems as you live in this beautiful City, i.e. a creative dinner “at The Plaza”.

“Rude” in context

A train ride for a tourist is not the same for a resident; the latter is likely going to or coming from work and is either in a hurry or just tired. So before we update our social media feed, let’s check our surroundings and make some way for the locals, especially during rush hour.

We all just want to have a good experience! Check out this beautiful and cool New York City vibe:

I can’t with winter

Two questions usually arise, “Is it okay to drive?” (usually in reference to snow) and “Would I survive the cold?”

New York City becomes a Winter Wonderland during the Holidays. Just look at this:

Trains and buses are accessible so there wouldn’t be any need to drive but be familiar with public transportation prior to arriving by checking out the MTA website.

Living here did not necessarily help me tolerate the cold better, rather it helped me understand how much winter gear I need to bring every time I go out and which parts of the City I can happily visit during freezing temperatures.

To start, I usually bring with me a trench coat, thick scarf, winter hat, ear warmers, and gloves. This in addition to wearing thermals. If it’s below 30 deg F, then winter boots may be necessary. For places to see, my favorite spot is Rockefeller Center since that is where the Holiday decorations are mostly at during winter with the bonus of having an underground food hall. Other great options would be Grand Central, New York City Museums, New York Public Library, and The Oculus.

At any rate, Spring is coming! Happy New York City-ing!