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I’m Kai /kaɪ/, a Filipino living in New York. If you are reading this, then I likely know you or you’re curious of what this is all about.

For those of us who dreams of living here, it can actually be done! As a former tourist and now a recent resident, I want to share this city’s stories while answering the question, is New York really that awesome?!

We live our lives wanting to be prepared, yet it is only when we start to experience the change do we realize that such preparation is not needed-Just go!


A "why not?" response

wouldn’t be a satisfying reply now would it? And sure enough, I get asked the same question at random.


Let’s face it, New York is a tourist destination and from the outside looking in, the City lives on “work-more work” mode– a city that never sleeps. Once a tourist of New York, I couldn’t keep up with the walking pace. I had to be ready getting into and out of the train and learned quickly that a good pair of shoes was not a bad idea.

Of all the tourist spots in New York, Lady Liberty ranked first on my list. It symbolizes the city more than anything that it even has its own emoji. And like a good tourist, having an authentic New York Pizza is a must which is another story of its own.

It’s no surprise that visiting the City can get expensive.
A hotel alone can break the bank but this is often offset by the reasonably-priced public transportation.

If you plan to visit at least three for-fee tourist spots, then a one-day excursion in the City can average about $200 per person. And depending on what and where you like to eat, then be prepared to spend more.


As a tourist, I assumed people come here only to visit. Fast forward 2020 and nothing could be further from the truth.

In 2020, I decided to come as a resident and no longer as a tourist. Was I scared? Absolutely! But the more a stayed, I realized that this is Home. New York City life can be fast but you can also slow it down. I spend majority of my weekends resting, taking long walks in the park, and getting groceries, which by the way allows me to enjoy several meals for only $40 per week. And if I want to be a tourist again, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Times Square are there for free!

New york is a dream